The Walking Tour

The Real Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour starts on the High Street (The Royal Mile) in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. We meet just opposite St Giles Cathedral, outside – where else? – The Cigar Box tobacconist – please click the Map below.

Just look for the strange character blending into the crowds of tourists in his tweeds, deerstalker and Inverness cape – he’s your man!
The Tour lasts approximately 2 hours depending on the size of the group and crowd participation. The Tour always follows the same route which is 2 miles long and (as Holmes is not overly fond of strenuous exercise) is almost all a gentle stroll on the flat or downhill (phew!). However, although far from challenging, a reasonable level of fitness is required.
During The Tour, as well as uncovering various sites connected to the Sherlock Holmes legend, we will pass by many other famous landmarks and attractions and – for those new to Edinburgh – Holmes is happy to try to answer your questions (though do bear in mind that his knowledge is patchy – this is, after all, a man unfamiliar with the concept that the Earth orbits the Sun).
As we conclude our most interesting investigation, you will no doubt be in need of some light refreshment – where better to end The Tour than opposite the Conan Doyle Pub where you can indulge in a snack, meal or even a wee dram!

Join the fun on The Real Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour…

The Game is Afoot!